Discover the beautiful island of Saint Lucia and let her inspire you!

From the grandiose Pitons in the south to Pigeon Island National Park in the north, adventure and romance await you at every turn. During the Summer of Discovery, you can enter for a chance to win £7,500 during your journey.

Steps on how to participate:

  1. Register with your information click here
  2. Book your travel arrangements to Saint Lucia click here
  3. When you arrive on island, take a selfie at your hotel or resort using a hashtag that includes the hotel's name and the hashtags #SaintLucia #SummerofDiscovery and post to Facebook and/or Instagram. Once posted, upload selfie to the hotel/resort page click here
  4. Find a minimum of 4 locations that you are planning to visit on the legend below.
  5. Visit each location and take a selfie with the designated selfie sign at that location. Designated selfie sign must be visible in your photo.
  6. Once you take your selfie and post to your Facebook and/or Instagram, click on the location below to upload your selfie.
  7. Follow the steps within that locations photo gallery to upload a photo. Any photos that do not adhere to the rules will be removed from the gallery.
  8. Repeat the steps above for every location you visit. Remember, you must submit 5 separate location selfies including 1 selfie at your hotel and 4 different location selfies.

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